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Tax Planning


Tax Planning

For those paying tax rates on or above 32.5%

  • Our typical clients usually could save $3,000-$5,000 tax per annual

  • No tax saving no fee to pay

  • If we could not make any legally tax saving for you than your last financial year, we do not charge you any fee for our services.

  • You keep 80% of the tax saving in the first year, the other 20% is our one off tax planning fee in the first year; you keep 100% all of what our tax planning could save for your tax from 2nd year forward.

We endeavour to optimise your income structure, minimise your actual tax rate, no stone will be left unturned.

How we work out tax planning

We meet for two or three hours to discuss and settle a detailed financial plan which might covering your business legal structure, business strategy, taxation planning, superannuation planning, investment assets, loan liabilities and insurances and other relevant matters. We then prepare a detailed statement of advice, including a calculation of the tax benefits of our strategies, and a detailed implementation plan. Our consultants then implement the plan for you, making sure everything is done properly and cost efficiently. Your accounts and tax returns provide us with a base for an annual statement of advice process, which systematically considers all relevant issues and sets out a detailed plan for the coming 12 months. These processes mean each client receives expert advice each year on maximising the after tax return from their financial circumstances and investment profile, and to make sure all financial goals are met.

Tax minimisation by utilising our valuable knowledge

  • Negative Gearing (Rental/Investment Property, Financed Investment)

  • Capital Gains Tax Advice

  • Distribution of wealth through Trust

  • Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) Advice

  • Varying & lodging PAYG Withholding Tax to bring more cash in your pocket

It is not too late to have a tax review and tax strategy for you, make an appointment now.

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